Get Your Baja On at Stan Diego’s!

IMG_9078Fresh atmosphere, boozy margaritas and tacos that are OUT of this world.


Sounds good, right?

We can stop dreaming now because there is a local place to go for all of this: Stan Diego’s Baja Taco Kitchen between the lakeshore area and GR!

Succulents hang from the ceiling to IMG_9080adorn the wide-open space with along with a sweet, sunny yellow Cali ride. I was instantly transported to the coastline.

IMG_9084 Anyone that knows me well knows I LOVE fish. I may not keep them alive well (heh) but they do just fine as an entree! The battered Wahoo pescado tacos are a serious hit at Stan Diego’s, flooded with mango-cilantro slaw goodness and a kickin’ chipotle mayo. I have visited a few times now and I’m honestly addicted with my whole heart (so addicted that while I’m typing here telling you about it realized I left my freshly-brewed coffee sitting for a good half hour…oops). Bacon lovers: rejoice! The surf + turf tacos are for you. Delicious shrimp and bacon combine with fabulous toppings to hit your taste buds just right! From the al pastor (pork) to pollo asada (chicken) to vegetarian options like the spicy coliflor (fried cauliflower) and fabulous black bean tacos (only served during Happy Hour!), you’ll find a taco to taco-bout.

See you at Hora Feliz sometime soon and maybe we will finish with something sweet like the tres leches cake! Mmm.


For more info on the menus including non-taco options, visit Stan Diego’s website here!



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