The Baker’s Wife



I’ve grown up around the West Michigan area and lived here (in various local places) all my life. The wonders I still discover daily never cease to amazing me and the outpouring of the small businesses fill me with a greater sense of appreciation and love.


One tiny wonder located in the heart of downtown Grand Haven is a bakery and eatery called The Bakers Wife. Sophisticated and down to earth, it is the perfect location for meeting with friends and family before a stroll to the lake a few blocks down. The fresh scent of homemade pretzels, muffins, cookies and fine breads are aromatic and these goods come from a place not far called The Village Baker (more to come another day…).


I walked in to sit and dine for a while to enjoy a hand-crafted mocha and the vegetable quiche. What I got…pure bliss. I sipped my art (and ate it too) under the ornate starry ceiling with conversations and mood music filling the room and children smiling with muffin crumbs on their faces.


This is the place to be with the ones you love, friends. Enjoy deep conversations over scones. Laugh as a family and gaze at the sights surrounding you. Love yourself and your time alone from all of the hustle. You will find every sweet that you need and all the smiles you didn’t expect at The Baker’s Wife. Come along with me.

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