Brewery Vivant Shimmers this Summer!

IMG_8346While most people know I enjoy a good glass (or two) of bold red wine, I do also love many craft beers! Brewery Vivant is one of my go-to places for the very best and they certainly had my attention with some of their newer shimmery beers! I’m all about the glam.

With a more experimental approach to beer, Vivant has added a little shine to its raspberry saison, more formally called the Pyrotechnic Mother Lode

or “The Dazzler”. Not only does this little beauty sparkle on the table, but when swirled it appears to have a lava lamp effect. As simple as it is to add a some food grade glitter to the batch, it sure makes for a glitzy evening for all to enjoy!

Many of the experimental beers from Brewery Vivant are made in small batches, and while more playful beers are sure to arise in Brewery Vivant’s future, don’t delay if you’re looking to get your hands on this glamorous saison!

Visit for upcoming brews and menu information!






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