Forty Acres in GR Brings the SOUL


Forty Acres in Grand Rapids was a foodie’s dream come true and a wonderful place to start my food adventuring blog in the West Michigan area! I came strolling by this past Sunday to the greeting of “Authenticity American” and this place fulfilled all of what it stands for and more. I experienced a community full of vitality, diversity and heavenly aromas of soul food filling the air and more importantly, food that left my heart full with the greatest happiness.

My “Bad” punch cocktail was fabulous and refreshing! I also tried the delicious hush puppies with a remoulade that was perfection. My next course was a beautifully displayed trio of grits, the Northern, Southern and Vegan, each representing amazing individual and complex flavors! Southern is SURE to please! Lastly, I ordered the crab cakes surrounded by a sea of complementing veggies and sauces. 

Please go. Feel all of the love and serious SOUL put into this food and in the surroundings. Such a beautiful place! I will definitely be returning for lunch if you want to join me. I’ll try some more spice next round! 

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